The following individuals and groups support our joint campaign – please email us if you want to add the name of your group or trade union (branch):

Initial supporting organisations:
Jewish Voice for Labour
Labour Against the Witchhunt
Labour In Exile Network
Labour Left Alliance
Labour Party Marxists
Labour Representation Committee
Socialist Appeal
Socialist Resistance
Other supporting organisations:
AntiCapitalist Resistance
Barnet Momentum (Barnet Socialists)
Brent Momentum
Bootle for Socialism 
Berkshire, Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire (BOB) Unite Community
Cambridge Unite Community
Cumbria Unite Community 
Dulwich and West Norwood Labour Left/Momentum
Ealing Labour Left
East London Unite Community
Hackney and Islington Unite Community
Havant CLP
Hexham CLP
Labour Black Socialists
Labour Campaign for Free Speech
Labour International Left Alliance
Newham Socialist Labour
North Cumbria Labour Left
Portsmouth & District Unite Community 
Reading Socialist Club
Red Flag
Sheffield Labour Left
Streatham Labour Left
Unite Community Southampton Area
Welsh Labour Grassroots
Workers’ International Network 

4 replies on “Supporters”

I said to comrades & friends that at least this wouldn’t be like the 80’s, that the movement & the Labour Party with the ideas in John McDonnell’s manifesto in 2007 & Corbyn’s election in 2015, would be stronger & more able to resist any pushback. Over the last 25 years new & existing movements had grown, the anti-capitalist/anti-globalisation resistance, anti-war/Stop The War, anti-fascist mobilisations & the BLM movement, World & European Social Forum’s, environmental/Green/Climate actions, UK Uncut, UK Occupy, People’s Assembly & The World Transformed & many many others. I think this partially triggered Corbyns massive election victory & re-election, a mainstream parliamentary formation led by activists involved in all of those struggles. Also they were known to actually get on a picket line & be vocal in there opposition to US imperialism. Not perfect & the PLP became refuseniks overnight, but a chance to build from the bottom, grass roots extra-parliamentary pressure to change & re-shape a reactionary parliament. Against all the forces that the state & establishment could harness to crush the Labour Party, 2017 was a glimmer that an extra-parliamentary road was possible.
Starmer & the Blairite rump has proved me wrong, it is like the 80’s! The Brexitives in power, no real opposition, factional attacks on the left. it seems that events have proved my optimism wrong. The party machinery, which is still pretty much intact, has allowed the ‘grown ups’ to lie there way into the room & re-assert control. This year long purging & attempt to batter the left under cover of the pandemic is gathering pace. We still have the numbers & ideas & whether we are currently outside the party (voluntarily or being disciplined) or have stayed inside we should at least try and get on the front foot. We have experienced socialist allies in parliament who now must start to offer a clear lead, building links with our capacity outside of parliament. Labour as a mass movement is more important than the so called ‘broad church’, & while many of us inside or outside the party feel massively disaffected, disillusioned, angry, bitter, cynical, disorientated we cant just let the genuine progress we’ve made in the last few years to dissipate into apathy or sectarianism. There are no easy answers but we must at least try & ask the questions & from the answers try & build on what we fought for in 2017 & 2019 & not in a parliamentary sense.

I am a member in North Devon where a split CLP executive could not resist a motion of No Confidence in Keir Starmer as reported in Squawkbox the next day Friday June 25th 2021. I was a member of CLPD and Momentum who failed to establish our branch across two CLPs (Torridge & West Devon + NDCLP) The left needs to get organised from roots up and “lead the narrative”. LIEN unfortunately are not very media savvy and have failed to prioritise Climate Crisis where the young members want us to go with Green New Deal – WE ARE FRAGMENTED. We never won Unite disputes without mandates from our members. Lets get the mandates and organise for Socialism

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