September protest storm on Starmer

Defend The Left is taking part in a September Storm of protests and actions against the banning of left groups in the Labour Party (and anyone associated with them). If you want to get involved, here’s your chance.

TUESDAY 14 SEPTEMBER: The September fightback will begin with an emergency Zoom meeting on Tuesday 14 September at 6pm to be addressed by film-maker Ken Loach, Unite’s Howard Beckett, former ANC member with Nelson Mandela, Andrew Feinstein, and chaired by Leah Levane of Jewish Voice for Labour. More details here

SATURDAY 18 SEPTEMBER: We encourage comrades to attend the Saturday 18 September one-day event which is a launch rally to unite the Labour left. Part-in-person and part-virtual rally, this initiative includes groups like Jewish Voice for Labour, the Fire Brigades Union and Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union. It will discuss Tory attacks on workers rights and public services as well as the attacks on the left and Labour Party democracy. More details here

MONDAY & TUESDAY 20 & 21 SEPTEMBER: Defend The Left has designated two dates in September for days of local action against the ban. These are Monday 20 September and Tuesday 21 September. Labour members and activists are encouraged to stage protests in their area on one of these dates. (See below for tips on putting together your protest.)

SATURDAY 25 SEPTEMBER: Defend The Left have called a protest against the ban on the first day of the Labour Party conference on Saturday 25 September in Brighton at 12 noon.

MONDAY 27 SEPTEMBER: A Defend the Left meeting against the ban will be held on Monday 26 September in Brighton. The venue will be announced by email a couple of hours before it’s due to start – email to receive a notification.

SUNDAY 26 – TUESDAY 28 SEPTEMBER: During the conference, a number of left-wing groups, including three of the groups Labour has banned, will hold a series of events at the Rialto Theatre in Brighton, on themes including free speech and the purge in the Labour Party. Click here for more info.


This is a guide for those wanting to protest against the banning of left groups and members being expelled on Defend The Left’s September days of action, Monday 20 and Tuesday 21.

1 Put out a call to anyone in your area you think might be interested in taking part in a protest against the ban on left wing groups in the Labour Party.

2 Between Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 September choose the day that works best for you and your comrades, and agree a time, too.

3 Choose a location for your protest that works best for you and your comrades. Might be your local Labour Party office, a Labour Party Regional Office or the office of an unsympathetic Labour MP. If all else fails, then choose some public spot, maybe with a sign to identify where in the country you are.

Email when you have fixed a date and time as we may be able to put others in the locality in touch with you.

4 Produce some protest materials — placards, banners, or just some plain bits of cardboard — with simple, short slogans like …


Or whatever you think.

You might also want to buy a life-size cardboard cutout of Keir Starmer online, for example here.

5 Contact as many people as possible to your chosen location at the fixed time and date. The more the better — but doesn’t matter if there’s only three of you. Email us the details of your protest so we can also help to spread the word.

6 Take photos of your protest. If there’s a lot of you, try chanting one of your slogans and video it, too. But whatever you do, get some good still photos. We will be spreading these far and wide.

7 Send your three best photos to Norman Thomas on If you do a video, put it on YouTube and send the link to Norman in same email.

8 If you can come to Brighton for Saturday 25 September bring your protest materials with our mass protest at 12 noon. Details of where to meet will be provided nearer the time on the Defend The Left website.