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Instead of opposing the reactionary Tory government, the Labour leadership is turning its fire against many of its most committed members. The July 20 meeting of the Labour Party NEC proscribed a number of left-wing groups, including Labour Against the Witchhunt, Labour in Exile Network and Socialist Appeal. There will now also be a panel whose job it is to investigate yet more groups for possible expulsion.

Apparently, the motion states that membership of the groups is “incompatible with membership of the Labour Party”. The rule book already allows for the exclusion of members who campaign against the Labour Party. These organisations do not do that. 

The same cannot be said for right-wing factions within the party that consistently and openly campaigned against Labour under Corbyn’s leadership. Yet none of those groups are threatened with proscription. 

This is just the latest salvo in the right’s full-blown attack on what remains of the pro-Corbyn left in the Labour Party. It follows the denial to Corbyn himself of the Labour Whip for more than eight months. It follows the silencing of free speech and democracy across the party with whole branches and CLPs being suspended and whole areas of discussion being suppressed, including legitimate expressions of no confidence in the leadership. Expressions of solidarity with Palestinians have been ruled out of order on the basis of unfounded antisemitism claims. Expulsion is no way to deal with political disagreements. 

We should be debating how to end draconian anti-trade union laws, reverse privatisation in the NHS and education, combat racism and discrimination, defend our right to protest, resist Fire and Rehire and cuts in benefits, and many more issues of grave concern to the trade union and labour movement. 

We urge everyone who wants to build a united, fighting opposition to the Tories to join together against the attempt by the right to reintroduce a list of proscribed organisations.  No doubt, other socialist groups will be added to the list, should this first round of proscriptions go through without a hitch.  

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Socialists must not be expelled from the Labour Party. Where is the unity that Starmer promised and as a result got elected? Will you now prove he was lying by expelling all opposition?

I have been a Labour member and socialist for most of my adult life. How dare Starmer threaten my political platform. He is the one who needs to go.

I am a member of the Labour Party and profoundly disappointed that Labour is turning its fire inwards and seeking to expel principled hard-working activists. The leadership is gifting the Tories another stick to beat the party and the left.

Starmer Is destroying the Labour Party and making it completely unelectable. Attacking socialism is shameful and he needs to step down ASAP, as the Starmer project has failed in every possible way!

Kier Stalin’s purges of the labour party are UNACCEPTABLE and we must do all we can to stand up against this fascism, comrades.

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