Auto-excluded – but fighting on!

Every day brings news of more prominent Labour Party members threatened with expulsion if they fail to provide evidence that they are not supporters or members of one of the organisations proscribed by the NEC on July 20. All are campaigning against their auto-exclusion based on ludicrous alleged “crimes” which almost always took place well before the proscriptions went through.

Ian Hodson, president of the Bakers’ Union (BFAWU). Crime: Sponsor of Labour Against the Witchhunt.

Ken Loach, world-famous socialist film director. Crime: Sponsor of Labour Against the Witchhunt.

Jo Bird, Wirral councillor, former NEC candidate, Jewish. Crime: Speaking at two events organised by LAW (in 2018 and 2019) and signing an open letter put together by LAW (in 2020).

Pamela Fitzpatrick, Harrow councillor, member of Labour’s Women’s Committee, vice-chair of Labour Representation Committee. Crime: In 2020, she gave an interview to Socialist Appeal.

Leah Levane, ex-councillor in Hastings and co-chair of JVL. Crime: Attended a meeting organised by Labour In Exile Network.

Graham Bash, editorial board member of Labour Briefing, political officer JVL, political secretary LRC, Jewish Labour Party member for 52 years. Crime: alleged “supporter” of Labour Against the Witchhunt.

Roger Silverman, NEC candidate and son of Jewish MP Sidney Silverman. Crime: Spoke at a meeting organised by Labour Against the Witchhunt in 2019.

Pete Firmin, LP member of over 40 years, former chair of Hamsptead and Kilburn CLP. Already suspended for allowing CLP to vote on motions “banned” and allegations of antisemitism. Crime: Attending the NEC lobby on July 20 protesting against the threat of proscriptions. 

Heather Skibsted, councillor in Peterborough, Labour Group secretary and CLP vice-chair, suspended since April 2021 with no reason given. Crime: Joining and posting twice to LAW Facebook group. 

Esther Giles, former Bristol CLP secretary and branch chair. Candidate for National Treasurer in 2020, treasurer of Socialist Health Association. Crime: Tweeted about joining LIEN interim steering committee (February 2021); attended a protest against South West Region of the Labour Party, organised by local CLPs and advertised by LIEN.

Hedley Bashforth, former Bristol councillor and CLP chair, former Parliamentary Candidate. Labour Party Member of 45 years. Crime: being seen on Zoom attending a LIEN meeting in March 2021.

Dave Putson, councillor. Crime: In February 2021 attended a meeting hosted by Labour Against the Witchhunt titled “Building the campaign for free speech conference.”